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Frequently asked questions

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What is involved in transforming the desk to a bed, and how long does it take?

Hiddenbed is incredibly easy to operate. It only takes a few seconds, as you can see from the video:
  • simply unlock the balancing mechanism
  • pull down the desk while holding onto the full length handle
  • allow the bed to move into position
To use the desk, just reverse the process.

Click here to watch Hiddenbed in action.

What happens to all the things on the desk when I want to utilise the bed?

Because there is sufficient clearance under the bed, all the items on your desk can remain securely in place. Just leave your computer, monitor, keyboard etc. exactly where they are; no need to unplug them.

Will things fall off the desk when I transform it into a bed?

No. The unique balancing mechanism keeps the desk horizontal at all times. This means that you could leave a cup of coffee on the desk throughout the transformation without spilling a drop! We think that's quite impressive.

What happens to the mattress and bedding when I stow the bed?

The mattress, pillows and bedding can remain in place at all times (just like all your desk accessories). No need to worry that it will spill out – you can rest assured that it will stay safely in place!

Does the desk stay in the upper position at all times?

When the desk is in the upper position, the locked balancing mechanism will keep it safely in place. Please note that the desk is able to take a load of 20kgs before it will lower on its own.

Is the Hiddenbed system safe?

Our system is designed with your safety in mind. It is a perfectly safe piece of free-standing furniture and will be assembled correctly by our installers. However, some people may prefer to attach Hiddenbed to the wall for extra peace of mind.

Is Hiddenbed suitable for children?

Absolutely! Children adore transformational furniture and love the fact that they can hide their bed.

What are the advantages of Hiddenbed?

In a nutshell: you're buying space and flexibility! You actually create space because there's no need for a permanent bed, a fold-away bed, sofa bed or similar. At the same time you gain a fully functional desk and stylish built-in office furniture. And unlike other contraptions, you don't have to clear away anything, to make space for the bed. You can practically use the desk or the bed, at the drop of a hat.

How reliable is the mechanism?

The patented Hiddenbed balancing mechanism is very rugged. It's the heart of our system, and has been designed to last some 10,000 cycles under normal use conditions. Based on daily operation, this equates to more than two generations of use, which is probably more than you'll ever get out of any other piece furniture.

Is Hiddenbed quality furniture?

We believe that quality is non-negotiable and our furniture is therefore built to last. To further ensure quality, we assemble your furniture on site.

What makes Hiddenbed superior to the alternatives?

We believe there are no real alternatives to Hiddenbed. You need to consider that fold-away beds, sofa beds, futons and the like take up valuable room when not in use. This basically amounts to wasted space. To use fold-away beds, you first need to clear floor space, then set up the bed and finally put the bedding in place (which has to be stored separately).

With Hiddenbed you gain space because you use the entire room space all the time – either as a bed, or as a desk.

How do I know if Hiddenbed will fit into my space?

Please check our product specifications for exact measurements.

How affordable is Hiddenbed?

In terms of a cost/benefit analysis you'll probably find that Hiddenbed is the most affordable option on the market. You'll essentially gain several pieces of furniture – a substantial desk, a comfortable bed, cabinetry, shelves, and drawers - while also saving a tremendous amount of space.

Are there any special access requirements when Hiddenbed is delivered?

Our furniture is delivered flat pack which makes it easy for delivery at your end. That also means you don't need to worry about access issues.

What is involved in assembling Hiddenbed?

Hiddenbed will be expertly assembled on site by our qualified contract personnel. This makes the whole process as convenient and simple as possible. Now and then you may be asked to lend a hand, for instance holding a board in place etc.

You will enjoy watching your Hiddenbed take shape! Please note, we do not have the facilities to discard of packaging, this will be your responsibility. 

How long does it take to assemble a Hiddenbed unit?

The assembly time will vary, depending on the size and configuration of your Hiddenbed. For a standard unit, the process will take approximately three hours.

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes, we deliver Hiddenbed anywhere in Australia!

What is the delivery time?

You will have your unit within 15 - 20 working days.

How much does Hiddenbed cost?

Hiddebed comes in various sizes and configuration. Full price list is available on the range page.

How do I place an order?

Buy online through our website

Is Hiddenbed suitable for commercial or institutional applications?

Yes, our range includes models that will withstand tough commercial environments. We welcome enquiries from facility developers, operators and other commercial parties and would be pleased to demonstrate Hiddenbed as a most sensible investment.