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Desk Bed

Desk hidden bed



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Hiddenbed instantly transforms your study desk or work table into a supremely comfortable bed - in one simple and safe operation. You can leave computers, printers in fact all the normal things you would expect to have on a desk in place, even a glass of water!

This world wide patented concept gives you two rooms in one, and is the perfect solution for situations where space is at a premium. For example, a home office, an apartment, a holiday home, or guest room. The additional bed it creates, can even add value to your property. Hiddenbed is also becoming increasingly popular for commercial and institutional applications.


Completely free-standing!


Bedding remains in place!


Computer or phone cords come up easily behind the desk and remain there when changing positions!



Price & Specifications


Desk Bed Specifications Single Bed King Single Bed Double Bed Queen Bed
Price $4,400* $4,600* $4,800* $5,700*
Height 1386mm 1543mm 1745mm 1865mm
Width 2067mm 2187mm 2047mm 2187mm
Desk Depth 1045mm 1050mm 1167mm 1167mm
Bed Depth 1026mm 1200mm 1524mm 1670mm
Max. height of desk items 450mm 450mm 525mm 525mm
Mattress Size 900 x 1900mm 1070 x 2020mm 1370 x 1900mm 1530 x 2030mm

*Includes GST (mattress is not included), installation and delivery within a 50km radius of Melbourne. All other locations will be quoted at the time of enquiry.


**We don’t recommend units for the Queen due to the height, customers should speak with Hiddenbed Staff.